Other Things

Anything you fancy really!    If it can be hand made in leather. if you can send a drawing or a picture or even describe it - as with the key case! then we reckon we can make it!

The Green man variations, the first two hand carved & coloured, the last hand painted on a large pouch

Neck Choker, magic plait  £25

Shaped, moulded neck choker, this one is in oxblood with a celtic concho, from £20

An old fashioned hand made key case designed from a chap's memory.

The keys are held on a keyring that then pulls up into the leathercover & is held in place by a press stud fastening. This will hold about 8 - 10 yale keys & is about 4" x 5"


Price £15 

Various size drawstring pouches - the last one is big enough to hold a 300ml bottle of pop

Bulls of various sizes & elephants from one piece of leather


Fairy pouches for childrens belts

My Wyvern - nasty creatures! carved on a bag


& the difference between a wyvern & a dragon?     Count it's legs  ;)


carving knife roll pouch
carving knife roll pouch

Josh's pouch

A commission order to fit Josh's spoon carving knives & honing powder

Made from soft antiqued leather skin, each pocket is lined with a separate sheepskin removeable pouch.

The top folds over & fastens with presstuds, rolls up  is fastened with a cord.

Price £60