Carving - Art in leather

We also like to pride ourselves on the fact that we are a little different - & this is where Bryn
excels -

he carves leather producing pictoral leather art/ sculpture.

he doesn't use the oft utilised stamps but 'models' the leather with knives, hammer & simple tools

This skill crosses the divide between a craft & an art & has been around since the ancient egyptians, at least! It can be used purely as an art form as in a wall picture or to decorate & personalise items. It is a skill that is now dying out that I believe should be recognised & preserved.



 All the below are samples of the types of things that can be carved in leather, from a drawing, design or photo or even just a suggestion!   Think about a pet portrait.


These are hand carved not stamped or embossed, done entirely with small hand 'tools'



Carvings can be just stand alone art or incorporated into another article - bag, armguard, belt, patch etc

Think about a portrait of your pet - carved in leather then coloured.   Can be a piece of art or incorporated into a bag for instance