Sir Chris, a skeleton dragon & a minion!


Pocket Quiver

This is actually the subject of our next leather craft workshop in December  - leather workshops

Tree of Gondor belt, hip quiver


Armguards are not just for archers & swordsman, they also have a place in today's world. They are used by glaziers, joiners, harpists - yes! a lady harpist.   In fact anybody who needs wrist and or forearm support or protection because of their work or because of weakness or injury.


These are the fore-runners of neoprene type supports & may be more comfortable - ask the grocer in Grange-over-Sands following wrist surgery or the lady at Tatton Old hall.


Remember  they are hand made by ourselves so they are made to fit you & all can be customised with colour & carving



oh & they look cool   - check out the pink, purple johnny depp wrist brace :)   or cute - see the squirrel ;)

Jeremiah's Tree of Gondor - very pleased with this one!

& his matching quiver above

Mother's is a longbow & arrows, son's is Superman!

How about a Minion!     The limit is your imagination!

Long armguard featuring a red squirrel  :)

Armguard - Boromir style with Elven writing hand carved on it, Photo's with permission of Beth 

Got to be my favourite so far. Greenman handcarved then dyed, based on a drawing. This was a commission piece  

Armguard with the front oblique view of a viking ship with initials. Commission from Emily.


This detailed type of carving adds from £10 to cost of a plain guard, but remember, you choose what you want carving - either in detail, like Beth did for hers & Mike for the Greenman, or just give us an idea & we'll come up with the design as we did for Emily

archer armguard, bracer

Joe's armguard with a carving of a medieval longbow archer - this was completed with leather thong fastening but various type available

Another commission - This one is taken from the LOTR film, Boromir's armguard, taken by Aragorn after Boromir's death. Boromir's is worn for sword fighting & is pointed at both ends, this is for an archer so points wouldn't be comfortable!   Initials replace the stars down the centre of the guard 

The Owl Man's guard

Plain armguard fastened by a wrist buckle & hooks & elastic lace with tightening toggle

From £30

Chris the Blue Knight's with matching leather covered scabbard & frog

long armguard
long armguard

Long armguard with commissioned hand carving

Long armguard with simple carving from £30, plain £25

Long blue armguard with crossed sword hand carving.

Long armguard with all over basket weave

A lot of work in this one!   £40

Short double buckle wrist supports - Johnny Depp's

From £25, made to fit your wrist size