Remember all belts are hand made to your requirements - length, width, colour - or colours!   see the colour mix of the magic bracelets lower down the page - we were comissioned to make a plaited belt in the same mix of colours.


Belts can also be carved - see the black belt & the hare belt below  


Use your imagination!

New style belts, all individually stamped therefore unique, Each mark is an individual stamp mark. The belts are then individually coloured & dyed  then the buckles hand sewn.

Prices around £45 depending on width & buckle

Medieval long belt designed to be worn knotted with a buckle or just a ring  - the longer the belt the posher you were!


Price depends on the length & width required - please enquire

Hares, oak leaves & acorns - a present for a lady. the belt was dyed & shaded green

Magic plaited belt - the belt is all one length of leather but the middle sections are plaited like the magic braclets - see detail in the last picture


Price £30 

Choose your colour, your width, your length, type & colour of buckle ( difficult to repeat a particular buckle unless of standard type) 

Can be made so that buckle can be removed & replaced with another


Price from £15

Thick leather back brace weight-lifting  belt

Hand made to measure, carved, stamped to your design

Choose your colour

From £65


Custom hand made 1 & 1/2" wide belt, made & carved to order.

End fastens with chicago screws to allow buckles to be changed

Plain belt from £25,

Carving - cost dependant on complexity