The items detailed on this page can be finished in many different colours - have a look around our website for ideas.


All items are entirely hand made by ourselves, made to measure.


They can also be custom carved - please go to our ordering page for help on how to order customisation  -

Snatch club patch & in-situ on leader's Harley

Double Bike paniers laced together with leather thong so that width can be adjusted. Fastened with buckled straps


Size - 12" high x approx 10" wide x 5" deep ( 3" version also available)


Plain £175

Can be carved

Carved name patch - approx £1 per letter + leather cost

Hand carved belt

Made to allow buckle to be changed

Fastens with chicago screws



Guards plain & simple or have them carved or shaped

Single, plain, from £20

Wristguard, double buckle brace  

From £20

Bike bags, various styles, sizes

& don't forget they can be carved or stamped 

From £50

Why be boring?  Any Colour! or Colours - use your imagination


& remember any design can be carved

Hair sleeve.  This one is simply laced, used in our re-enactment group.    Change the colour of the laces, use cord, thong or ribbon.

Has a hook at the top to hook over hair elastic to secure.


Alternative style - press studs to close instead of laces.

Any length, or colour of sleeve


For bike riders - keeps your hair from getting so tangled!!

Steampunk look - could be made with lace hooks instead of holes. Have a steam punk design on the leather

From £10